Beautify Magnolia Village
Donate Now!

With permit in hand from the City of Seattle, the community can move forward after 18 months of planning by a committee of 10 volunteers.


Imagine more seating, bistro lighting, flowering hanging baskets, seasonal banners, wreaths for the holidays, general tree and sidewalk maintenance, keeping our beautiful Magnolia trees pruned and the leaves cleaned up.

Magnolia is an active, family-oriented community, and the goal is to enhance our “Village” main streets, the core of our business community, which is also home to our Saturday Farmer’s Market, Classic Auto Show, Summerfest & Seafair Parade, Vino in the Village, Halloween, Winterfest, Art Walk, and many other community functions.

As much as we would love for our city to pay for our improvements, that isn’t how it works. We will be looking to our amazing Magnolia Community to fund this endeavor. Other neighborhoods do it…. we sure can!!

Donate NOW at one of the levels listed below… All donations of $2500 or more will be permanently recognized in the Village. All donations will be acknowledged in print and on the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce website.

Phase I Goal $120,000

Donation Amount

$2500   $1000   $500   $250   $100   $50   Other

You will be able to designate a donor name for publication, in honor or memory of, or anonymous.

More Questions: Contact: Cheryl McQuiston, or

Jason Thibeaux, Magnolia Chamber Executive Director,

To donate more than $2,500, choose Other or contact:
Cheryl McQuiston
(206) 390-8698

To donate by check, make payable to “MCC/MBC”
and send to MBC #51 / 3213 W Wheeler St / Seattle WA 98199

To make a monthly/quarterly pledge by check, contact:
Jason Thibeaux
(206) 618-1589